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Tierra Divina Vineyards: Lodi
When I first went to Lodi, back in the early 1990s, I felt like I had entered a time warp. Ancient, thick-stemmed zinfandel and carignane vines planted in the late 1800s stood rampant, untrellised, unloved, and virtually unused amongst neatly trellised modern cabernet and chardonnay vineyards. We soon began farming some of these amazing vineyards and discovered the dark, rich, and fragrant fruit that is their true nature.

There is no place like Lodi in the United States, and quite likely elsewhere. Lodi is situated on the western fringe of California’s Central Valley where the rivers flow out of the Sierra Nevada into the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and farmlands begin. You can see a map of Lodi, with some of our vineyards, at: http://maps.google.com/


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In summer, during the growing season, the interior of California heats up; as the warm air rises in the afternoon, a vacuum is produced, which sucks the cool Pacific air along the Sacramento River channel into Lodi, helping to extend the growing season and allowing the fruit to mature fully. Thus Lodi is kept relatively cool in the afternoons and evenings compared with its blazing hot Central Valley neighbors.

Lodi’s largely sandy/gravelly soils seem to favor vine longevity, which is likely why one does not often see ancient vines in the clay loam soils of Sonoma and Napa.

Our vineyards are so old that their roots have long ago adjusted to the terroir and established a balance between themselves and the top (above ground) stock. While younger vines crank out tonnage and foliage with gusto, these old timers are content to produce a modest and balanced crop. The farmer’s goal is, then, to respect the fact that the vines know what they are doing.

Perhaps the pioneer grape growers who arrived from Germany and Italy in the late 1880s recognized that this mélange of mountain gravel, riverine sand, and marine influence would one day become known as the premiere source of old vine zinfandel in the world.

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