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Like many wine industry professionals, I ambled unintentionally into winemaking.

I sampled wine at local Cucamonga wineries, enjoyed the fruit of the gods in Paris with my cousin and at home with my parents, and drank wine -- with both hedonism and reflection -- in college. But it was not until I set eyes on an ancient vineyard on Sonoma Mountain that my vocation was assured.

I was born in Baltimore in 1947, grew up on the fringes of the southern California wine industry, and studied English Literature at Pomona College and Philosophy of Religion at Harvard University. I have a degree in neither viticulture nor enology. In short, I have the proper credentials for winemaking.

After graduate school I moved to Sonoma in 1974 and became a vineyard manager by day and a union musician by night, playing the viola in several Bay Area symphony orchestras. Following three years at a Zen Buddhist community on Sonoma Mountain, I purchased the neighboring 3 acre Laurel Glen Vineyard, which subsequently grew to 35 acres of cabernet.

By the early 1990s I had begun poking around the outer fringes of California's wine country to discover old vineyards for REDS, “A Wine for the People” and its big brother, !ZaZin. A few years later Chilean cabernet and Argentine malbec called; by the end of the 90’s I was the first North American producer of malbec in Mendoza, under the Terra Rosa, Tierra Divina, and Vale la Pena labels. Sales are international.

When not growing, making, and drinking wine, I enjoy life with Gina, hanging out with my three grown daughters, swimming, kayak/surfski racing, reading, and eating pasta primavera in Mendoza.

In 2011, after 34 years of farming the estate vineyards and making Sonoma Mountain cabernet, I sold the Laurel Glen Vineyard operation to Bettina Sichel in order to concentrate on the Lodi and South American wines. Now I have a bit of time to get back to the violin – this time to bluegrass fiddle. Life is full and good!


Arya Campbell, the eldest daughter of Patrick and Faith Campbell, works in sales throughout the US. She travels around the country to represent and promote the wines. Arya has had the pleasure of traveling to Argentina a few times, where she has worked with the wonderful Cabrini brothers who manage our vineyards in Mendoza. Buenos Aires is one of her favorite cities in the world. At times she goes with Patrick to check up on the vineyards in Lodi and has met the competent crew of Tierra Divina. Arya is a Tibetan Buddhist and majored in Religious Studies at Pomona College. Since then she has also been designing jewelry and clothing and selling it at craft fairs under the Mani Padma label (www.manipadma.com). For her designs, Arya travels around Asia to buy beads and fabrics where she finds the most interesting, beautiful raw materials. She is based in the Bay Area of California, which allows her to be near both Wine Country and the Oakland Airport!


An appreciation for brewing and wine making was developed during my college years. My first batches of beer were wildly received. It led to my first wine making experience: a pound of sugar, a pound of fruit, a gallon of water, and a balloon as a fermentation lock was my introduction to winemaking. Born in Germany in 1946, I learned about the medicinal powers of wine. My father had kidney stones. The Doctor recommended a bottle of Riesling as medicine. My father died at 96 years with no kidney problems. We later settled in the Los Angeles area, and I graduated from Northridge University with a secondary credential in History.

After graduation, I embarked on a 3 month trip around the world and ended up returning 7 years later. I lived in Japan, Singapore, and Bangkok. For 5 of the 7 years I helped to build the Schooner Third Sea and sailed the South China Sea and South Pacific. I am still planning on going around the world.

Upon my return home I visited with various friends. The day I set foot in Sonoma I decided this where I would settle. Within in a year I was working on bottling lines and in two years worked my first crush at Kenwood Winery, where I ended up being a cellar worker for about 5 years. I then worked a couple of harvests at Bouchaine in Carneros, while starting my California wine export company, California Terroirs. With the 1985 & 1986 vintage in the cellar, I began my years at Laurel Glen which ended in 2011. By this time the formula of a pound of sugar, a LB of fruit, a gallon of water, and a balloon as a fermentation lock had been refined a bit, but not that much.

Today I am returning to my roots to make "wine for the people" and people who appreciate a good bottle of wine at a fair price, At the same time, continuing with the relationships in Europe and Asia established in over 25 years of travel and spreading the word on high quality American wine. I enjoy swimming, traveling, cooking, drinking wine from the world over, sitting in the sun, and going to baseball games.


I’m proud to be a 4th generation San Franciscan. My husband and I moved to Sonoma County in 1976 to raise a family. I enjoyed being a stay at home Mom for many years. I began working for Patrick in 1991 learning the administrative side of the wine business and have been here ever since. My passions in life are food, wine, family, photography and appreciation of the arts.


I was born in Western Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh and the Appalachians. When I was 15, I drove to California. In 1970 and 1971, I attended anti-war demonstrations in Pittsburgh and in Washington, D.C. In 1971, I received an AFS scholarship to spend my senior year in high school in Madrid, Spain. I attended Yale College and I started to learn about politics and economics. I graduated with Honors. In 1974, I caught a freighter to Portugal where - just by chance- I was in the Revolution of the Carnations. From 1976 until 1978, I attended the Universidad of Barcelona where I studied economics. I worked as a researcher for books on the Bay of Pigs and the Spanish Civil War. In 1982, I got a sales job with a Spanish wine importer in NYC. In 1983, I got married to Amanda Shackell and had a son, Nicholas. From 1983 to 1989 I was a wine salesman in Connecticut. In 1989, I founded a company devoted to importing and distributing Spanish wines. In 1989, Amanda and I had a daughter, Oriana. From 1992 to 2003, I was the sales manager of Slocum and sons, the biggest wine distributor in Connecticut. In 2003, I founded Ultramar Wine Brokerage, a company devoted to importing fine estate bottled wine from Europe and South America.

Ed: Tim is one of those rare individuals who can, third glass of malbec in hand, expound on the inner workings of the Argentine economy (or just about any other country’s economy) while chowing down on a fine asado in Mendoza.


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